<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/31/99/44/43/181106021545.jpg?t=1553379739"><br>This is an exquisite townhouse that faces the bay &amp; cove. Beautiful view of the bay from the living room &amp; master bedroom, each with their own private balcony. The large master bedroom has a walk-in closet &amp; tiled master bath. The kids' room has a Jack and Jill tiled bath &amp; shower. The living area invites you to relax and enjoy the gorgeous bay view &amp; balcony that overlooks the pool. Lovely landscape engulfs the back yard &amp; pool. Part of the garage is air conditioned for those hot day workouts. There is a nice deck for sunbathing or you can slip into your boat for a day of fishing. Cleaning station at the deck.<br>